Monday, 14 April 2014

Fancy Dress

Moo-moo, Quack-quack, Chee-chee, the animals are here! The enthusiastic tiny tots of Nursery were all set to demonstrate their talent during the Fancy Dress Presentation. It was amazing to see most of them showing their confidence having no trace of stage fear. Each child was all smiles, proudly showing their costumes appreciating the efforts put in by their parents.

Friday, 16 August 2013

water play

It was a day full of enjoyment for Nursery students at the splash pool. The Nursery children turned up in colourful swim wear. Most of  the children had great fun splashing in the water though a few of them took some time to gather confidence until soon they too joined in the fun with their friends.

Just have a look the gala  time that students had during the water play !

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Settling down at NISV - Nursery

8th July 2013 was indeed a memorable day for the parents of Nursery students who saw their little ones walk into the Pre-Primary section at NISV. The Nursery students made their entry into school with mixed feelings  of curiosity and anxiety as they separated from their parents only to hold on to their teachers  who through lot of love, care and warmth helped the little ones to settle down slowly into the  classroom routine. In the first week, students were engaged in very interesting activities like free painting, collage making, crayoning , making crowns, playing new games like passing the parcel, singing, dancing, puppet show, listening to stories etc all of which helped students adjust and learn a lot in a fun way . 
“Exploring the School”, was an activity where the students enjoyed walking around getting to know their school better.

Enjoy the slide show to see some pictures of your child’s initial days at school and please do feel free to comment.